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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Relationship: Are You in One?

As I struggled to put my words in print today, I realized I had to start over with this:  "Have you ever loved somebody that did not love you back?  Have you ever hoped with every ounce of anticipation to be noticed by someone, but the acknowledgment never came?  Imagine how Jesus feels when you refuse to utter his name for the sake of political correctness.  Imagine how Jesus felt when he was put to death for a crime that bore no name, but pride.  He experienced the ultimate form of bullying, but no one is working to protect his rights.  If what was done to Jesus was done to another human being today, it would be punishable by death.  Memorials would stand in honor and the name Jesus would hold the highest regard.  What is being done with the memorials today to represent our ultimate and Almighty Hero?

Instead our history books are being rewritten, the bible is removed because of it's potential offensiveness and "In the name of Jesus," is never to conclude a prayer.  We might balk at the horrible torture the Roman soldiers inflicted on this innocent man, but what we do today is far worse. 

When a soldier dies at war, he is upheld with honor for his sacrifice and service in protecting the freedoms of a country and people he loved.  A memorial is established to carry the memory from generation to generation.  His loved ones never seem to be without the testimony on their lips to proclaim his greatness.     

One day our time will come when we will breathe our last breath.  We will find ourselves standing before the mighty throne of judgement. The one who loved us from the very day of our existence will speak.  Will the sound of his voice be familiar?  Will you stand in honor having defended the name of your Savior, or will you shrink with fear knowing you were ashamed and embarrassed to be caught with his name leaving your mouth?  Heaven and Hell are real places.  Do you think everyone should share the same fate regardless of their behavior?  God had to turn away from his son, whom he loved, when he bore the sins of the world.  Don't you worry he will turn away when you have no answer or excuse to defend your behavior?  Do you think you will be worthy of living in God's presence with an unrepentant heart, an acceptance of sin and an embrace of an attitude of political correctness?  Has the world confused you into believing your sin is not really sin since everyone is doing it?  Won't your sins be judged in the same manner as everyone else?  God is impartial and just, he knows no favorites.  Put plainly, you are not exempt from judgment.

The recent deaths of those victims in Aurora, Colorado pierced my heart.  We never know when today will be our last day.  Don't wait to get right with God.  Don't wait to ask Jesus to reveal himself to you.  Don't be fooled by the lies, not one more day.  There is nothing more important in life than knowing your personal Savior?  

God is a mighty God.  All he asks from us is to believe, to accept his Son as Savior, to not be ashamed and to have a relationship with him.  All he asks is for us to say sorry and ask forgiveness when we screw up.  All he asks is that we say good morning, good night and how was your day?  Is this so hard?

For a relationship to exist, there must be two people willing to participate.  Can you imagine your spouse never wishing you good morning or bidding you goodnight?  Can you imagine no utterance of appreciation, no thank you or I love you?  Jesus refers to the church as his bride and there is good reason behind this description.  The most intimate, loving reciprocal relationship you will ever experience is found within the marital union.  The creation of this union was the only way God could demonstrate his endless amount of love for his children.  What do you do with your emotions when you feel an incredible sense of love for someone?  You want to exhibit an outward expression through affection and action to show how you feel, correct?  In order for God to display and prove his love for us, he sent himself in the flesh to die for us so our sins could be redeemed and forgiven.  Doesn't this act of selfless love deserve some kind of acknowledgment from us?  Our acknowledgment should be the entering into a relationship with him.

When man/ woman falls short in a relationship, whether s/he lacks compassion, love, friendship, humor, empathy, sympathy, time, or attention, Jesus is able to fill all of these voids and much more.  If you want a true soul mate for life -it's simple - Choose Jesus.

"Every Day is a Good Day When You Live it God's Way!"


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Protection of the Womb

Jeremiah 20:17 "For he did not kill me in the womb, with my mother as my grave, her womb enlarged forever."

These are very interesting words considering the time in which we are living.  How powerful this verse is!  God is the giver and taker of life.  It is not ours to question, nor interfere with this process, except within the parameters God has established for our right to protect ourselves, our families and our nation.  God is all knowing, all powerful and sovereign over all the universe.  We have tried to become like God believing we have the right and the authority to take innocent life within the womb.  Jeremiah could not have painted a more gruesome image of the womb being a grave site for the unborn. 

Babies die by human dismemberment, acid burning and worst of all the act of stabbing performed during a partial birth abortion.  God created the womb as a means of protection and we have invaded it as if on a battle field fighting against an enemy infidel.   What other gruesome ways will man come up with to "humanely" kill those unable to defend themselves.  How noble to wage war on babies who have no way of fighting back to defend themselves.  Protection is the reason why children have mothers and fathers, but instead we have become their adversaries.  After all we're doing these babies a favor by preventing them entrance into such an awful, evil world. 

Wake Up People!  We are the ones creating this evil.  We are the ones who have turned away from God's love and protection.  Stop following the sins of man and start following the righteous ways set forth by a loving God.  You have free will.  He gave you the right and the freedom to choose life or death.  Sadly many are choosing a way that not only leads to the physical death of their child, but the spiritual death of their souls.

Rape and incest are situations man has used to rationalize their awful acts of killing.  Did God not see these acts that took place?  Is he not a God of justice?  Do you think these acts will go unpunished?  God already had a plan to redeem the wickedness that took place, but man removed God from the equation.  He not only removed God, but he also helped the woman remove the reminder of the act, by helping her kill her baby.  Now instead of one crime for God to deal with, he now has two. The woman and the doctor and all others involved have committed murder.   Were the actions performed by this team of players any different than the actions committed by the soul who raped or molested?  No, but society has painted them out to be heroes. 

Oh by the way, thank you abortionists for your braveness in helping our mother's to kill their babies.  Thank you for your noble acts of manipulation, lies and deceit.  Thank you for not only attacking the innocence within the womb, but also for your efforts to prey on the vulnerability of the woman who just suffered trauma and is confused and tormented by her thoughts of the attack.  Thank you for all of your services in the name of the almighty dollar.

Never mind the intervention (Jesus Christ) available to mothers that can return them to a sense of peace and comfort.  Never mind the scriptures that can open the hearts and minds to forgive.  Never mind the love of the Lord that can teach a woman to love her baby just as her Heavenly Father loves her.   

Must we remain blind to the potential of the beauty of life through our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Isn't this the reason he died and rose so that we could experience an abundance of life through a relationship with him?

Ladies and gentleman, stop believing the lies of the abortion industry.  There is no evidence this procedure is a benefit to our children, families or society.  We are robbing God of his sovereign authority to be God.  We challenge him daily believing our sinful ways are better.  Sin is sin and it only leads to death and destruction.  When was the last time you knowingly did something wrong and reaped the benefits without later experiencing the ugly consequences of chaos, disorder or emotional trauma in your life?  Is this God's fault that you chose to live contrary to his laws of protection? 

You may have chosen badly, but God is always ready and waiting to forgive you of your sins.  He washes them away from his memory forever and gives you a fresh start.  For we learn in
Romans 5:20 But where sin increased, grace increased all the more, so that, just as sin reigned in death, so also grace might reign through righteousness to bring eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.  

Jeremiah says God did not take the life in the womb, instead he enlarged the womb forever.  God has offered a way of protection from the challenges of this world through a relationship with his son, Jesus - Will you accept his protection and choose life?  His grace is sufficient!

"Every Day is a Good Day When You Live it God's Way!"


Friday, July 13, 2012

The Little Seed

Pretend you are stranded on an island and you come across a seed with the potential to bear fruit.  You plant it, water it and just as you had hoped, it begins to grow into a beautiful tree.  As the days progress, small buds start to appear.  Weeks later, you are elated to see the tiny formation of round fruit developing.  Shortly thereafter, you are able to enjoy the nourishment and sustenance from an abundance of newly created coconuts. 

Not long ago you were in despair over the possibility of your starvation and dehydration, but now you will be sustained from this tree that started as a small seed.

Can you imagine what would have happened had you viewed the seed as insignificant and tossed it by the wayside?  Isn't this what millions of women are doing everyday when they deny the truth that life begins at conception.  The seed that grows within them is full of cells containing DNA with the genetic code to form a human being.  Just like the little seed found on the island which brought forth the development of food from a tree, so too does life spring forth from the seed that grows within a woman.

If the seed you found on the island sand was precious to you because it would allow you the opportunity to live, then don't you think the seed that is planted at conception should also be allowed an opportunity to live?  Is your life any more or less valued or significant than that of your baby?

Some women choose abortion because they believe the lie that the seed within them lacks life.  I think I have just proven with the above example of the seed that if your life was in jeopardy and there was any probability of saving it from the hope of a seed growing, you would choose to preserve it. 

For those others who understand and knowingly believe the seed they carry is actually a baby, and still choose to terminate the pregnancy, then abortion is merely sought as a selfish response to a woman being inconvenienced because of her own poor decision making.

Support Life With the Same Amount of Effort You Would Put Forth In Preserving Your Own.  God Does Not Place A Greater Or Lesser Value on Life, So Why Are We?

"Every Day is a Good Day When You Live it God's Way!"


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Thorn in Your Side

2 Corinthians 12:7-9  To keep me from becoming conceited because of these surpassingly great revelations, there was given me a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me.  Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me.  But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."

To receive the full blessing of this scripture please find time to read the rest of the passage on your own.

This passage leads me to reflect about my life and the condition of my heart.  Paul, by his above statement, had obviously spent much time in similar reflection.  In doing so, Paul realized an area in his life in which he was prone to sin on a repeated basis.  God had provided Paul with one of the most incredible transformations in the bible.  He took Paul's extreme passion for hatred against Christians and instead channeled it into an extreme love for his brother's and sisters.  By doing this, God continuously revealed himself to Paul in a mighty way.

Paul realized it would be very easy for him to fall into a spirit of pride because of the "surpassingly great revelations" God had shared with him.  It was made obvious to Paul he had been chosen for a mission of an incredible nature.  Can you imagine if Paul would have let the idea of being chosen go to his head?  Instead of proclaiming the gospel to thousands of people in an attempt to reveal the love of Jesus, he may have succumb to an attitude of self-righteousness, which would clearly have had an opposite effect in changing the hearts and minds of people.

Have you ever held an abundance of knowledge, education or skills which made you an expert in your field?  How did you use your expertise?

Pretend you are working and your boss tells you to help train the new guy/gal.  As you begin the process, you find yourself holding back certain information or skills that would help the other person excel in their performance.  In order to keep your pedestal position and maintain your own job security, you allow the other person to struggle in ways that would not be necessary if you would just teach them everything you know.

It is very easy to develop a conceited attitude or spirit of pride after receiving accolades, awards or recognition for performance.  Paul knew because of his pre-salvation position of power and authority, he was prone to desires that would bring him attention and glory over God.  The Almighty, therefore refuses to remove the thorn from his side in order to keep him humble and focused.

As you begin to recognize the blessings of your gifts, talents and abilities, remember God was gracious enough to give them to you.  Thank him for all the experiences that have lead you to where you are today.  Use your gifts to glorify God in helping others to reach their full potential.  As you deepen your relationship with the Lord and come to know his will for your life, share your experiences and your revelations regarding biblical scripture.  Don't be like the employee who wanted to maintain his pedestal position of glory so others would look upon him as great.  God uses people to spread his word and magnify his glory.  The mysteries of the gospel were never meant to be kept secret and neither were the contributions of our gifts to advance his kingdom..

"Every Day is a Good Day When You Live it God's Way!"


Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Lack of Patience Equals Ignorance"

I cannot take credit for the title "Lack of Patience Equals Ignorance" because I heard it from a message by Dr. Michael Youssef last week.  I was just returning from a trip to the store and this was the very last statement he made in boldness to his listening audience.  I didn't hear the rest of the message because I had groceries that needed to be refrigerated.  I immediately repeated this puzzling statement to my husband because lacking patience has been an issue that both of us have struggled with in the past.  Now, I am guessing that my husband did not think much about these words, but I could not let them go.  I have pondered this message and prayed about it ever since, trying to understand the meaning behind his words.  I told myself I would look up his sermon and listen to his explanation, but in the busyness of life, I never got around to it.

Today, as I was praying about another family situation, the Holy Spirit gave me some insight regarding his message.  The words "to be lacking in patience is the equivalent of ignorance ," suddenly made sense.  Keep in mind, I still have not listened to Pastor Youssef's complete message, so if what I write today is the same or similar, it would only be by God's divine will that he felt the message important enough for me to learn.

Here are my thoughts:

I don't believe the ignorance being referred to was in regard to our lack of knowledge in our fleshly state, but in our spiritual state.  This ignorance is present because we have not learned to access our spiritual nature due to a weak relationship or no relationship with our Lord Jesus.  Remember those who believe unto him find rest in the peace and knowledge that God has a plan for their lives.  We surrender ourselves to our Father and say "Let your will be done."  God tells us in Isaiah 55:8-9  "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the Lord.  "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."

When we are able to maintain a spiritual connection to our Father holding onto the belief relayed in the above mentioned scripture, our lack of knowledge from our fleshly state begins to transform into knowledge in our spiritual state.  This occurs only when we are able to begin to see things through God's eyes rather than our own.

In our flesh, we are not going to see or understand the trials we are going through because we are still about self and not about God.  It is only through the born again process, prayer and relationship with Jesus, that his Holy Spirit begins to unfold the mysteries of God's plans for his kingdom, of which we are included.  Some people simply think it is impossible to hear directly from God.  This in and of itself is an example of ignorance because God's word tells us the ways in which we can hear from him.  Believe me, we are not exempt from hearing from the Lord, but we must make a commitment to keep him in his rightful position, which is always on the throne.  Honoring the first commandment should be the most important priority in our lives.  Shamefully, by the state of our nation and families, it is not.

Can we expect to enjoy the revelations from the Holy Spirit if we never open our bibles, never pray, and never profess our willingness to die to our own selfish desires so that we can submit ourselves to the plans God has for our lives?  I think you can answer this question yourself.

The enemy loves to keep us bound with worry, frustration and lack of understanding regarding our trials, but the Lord says, "Have no fear."  When we allow ourselves to come into the full understanding of his grace and mercy, we are able to truly say, "Lord, let your will be done."  Miraculously, the worry, frustration and lack of patience begin to subside as we live relying solely on our Father.  I will say again, worry, frustration and lack of patience come from our inability to let go of our circumstances and allow God to work.  When we try and have more control over our situation and trials than our Almighty, negative feelings constantly torment us.  These feelings transmit themselves into an ugly demonstration of a lack of patience.  Behaviors that result from a lack of patience typically include a short temper, yelling, screaming, criticism and a battle for power and control.  The overwhelming desire to have things done immediately, even though we don't have control over the circumstance, is the equivalent of our battling against the will of God.  We are clearly informing God we want things done our way and we want it done right now.  When God does not respond to our temper tantrum, the cycle continues.  It does not make sense for God to work in such a way that would validate our bad behavior.  God is about molding us into his likeness and this means weeding out the bad behaviors that separate us from communing with his spirit.

If you want to live with a full understanding of God's love and due away with your lack of patience, accept God's will for your life.  Ask him to show you the world as he sees it and to come to understand his way by initiating a relationship with him.  No one likes to be called ignorant or stupid, but when we hold on to our ways as being greater than His ways, it is the equivalent of living our lives with blinders on.

Thank You Dr. Youssef for supplying a pivotal statement as insight for this article.

"Every Day is a Good Day, When You Live it God's Day!"


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Remember Your Freedom

Take time to pray, honor, call, support, encourage anyone you know fighting for our freedoms that are coming under attack everyday.  Think of what it will be like to have your television censored, your school books edited, your voice in the classroom suppressed so that only certain views are upheld, while others are eroded.  (oops, I forgot this is already happening).  What will it be like to be told how much land you can farm, the type of crops you plant and how many you will get to keep?  What will it be like to be thrown in jail for mentioning the name of Jesus?  How will you pay your bills when over half your salary is being taken to support an irresponsible government that doesn't care about you?  What will it be like when the government will tell you what job you will work and for how long?  How will you feel when you are under the rule of Sharia Law?  What will you do when your second amendment right to keep and bear arms is taken from you due to manipulative tactics to get you to believe that too many guns in this country is the reason for high crime rates? 

Our problems exist because of an eroding moral foundation.  Separation from God is the equivalent of disorder, chaos, turmoil, confusion, bondage, and rampant sin.  What does your own life look like as you try to make sense of your world?  You can't figure things out on your own because the concept in your mind of right and wrong is always changing.  Just when you get settled and believe things make sense, your world is once again turned upside down.  God is trying to draw you closer my friend.  The only true peace one finds in their life is the peace that comes from a belief in Jesus Christ.  Stop living for the promises of this world and start believing in a Savior.  After all He is the one who took the fall.

Happy Freedom Day!


Monday, July 2, 2012

In God's Eyes, I Have a Job

Some may or may not know that I lost my job over a year ago due to a layoff. Since then, I have been on unemployment trying to find a job. The search has been time consuming, frustrating and sometimes even discouraging. Over this last year, I have kept myself busy caring for our 3 dogs and our teenage son. My layoff came at a time when I was stressed and torn between commitment to my family and commitment to my work. God must have sensed the importance of helping me to understand my priorities and "poof," just like that he gave me the time to figure things out.

Most people in the beginning of a stressful life circumstance don't see God in their situation, but very early on, I had a feeling God was going to take me in a new direction and provide a sense of peace at the same time. This past year has been quite the experience. My eyes have been opened wide to the incredible blessing of my family, the appreciation of my time, and the learning to do more, with less.

In my previous position, I was responsible for interviewing families and creating their home study for the adoption process. It was during this time, I realized I had a love for writing. For the first 10 months during my time at home, I have helped friends when I could, been involved in some church activities, but mainly focused on my job search and family. God has taught me so much during my time off that I cannot even begin to discuss the many wonderful things he is doing. It wasn't until February that he planted the seed for me to begin writing for Him.

Since 2008, I have been a born-again Christian. Ever since I attended my first bible study and heard my first guest speaker for women's ministry, I have had a flame placed in my spirit to pursue more of God's word. I started reading the bible from beginning to end and feverishly took notes on all those things that applied to my life. During this time, God opened my eyes to the thoughts and beliefs I had incorporated into my ideas about life. He helped me to see that many of my ideas were based on man's philosophies and not His. I had a lot of changing to do, but God has been so very patient with me as I strive to know him more.

As I continued my study, I began to realize this passion that had welled up in my spirit could not be suppressed. I had to find a way to energize it further and this is when I began writing this blog.

I have heard on more than one occasion that the public existence of this site in proclaiming God's word is the very source preventing me from getting a real 9-5 job that actually pays. I have come to know the truth through my relationship with Jesus Christ and I am not about to turn my back on Him in order to fit back into the standards set by man. In the eyes of God, I have a job and it is a very honorable one: Proclaiming his word to those who don't know him.

My family’s faith has increased immeasurably believing God for his promises to never leave us nor forsake us (Heb 13:5).  He has also shown me that greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4). The ideas of this world that man's standards and ideas are greater than Gods are false. God has given me time and has shown me a way to serve him using the knowledge and understanding he has given me through the reading of his word. I know he wants me to share with others the simple truth.

This morning my husband and I were listening to Pastor Robert Jeffers on American Family Radio. We were refreshed to hear his message on "Politically Incorrect." Our own desire to live by an unwavering spirit of truth was reinforced by this message. We were beginning to think the spirit of fear had overwhelmed pastors in the pulpit, preventing them from speaking about such uncomfortable topics as Hell, the issue of homosexuality, and the Christian's complacent attitude regarding truth. It is a shame that so many have been fooled by what he referred to as "Relativism." This is not a new concept in our culture. It has been the goal of many to do away with true truth so that the conviction of sin will go away and we can continue to live in any fashion that suits us.

My final thoughts turn to the topic of philosophy, particularly the atheist who studies philosophy. It saddens me to think the turmoil the mind goes through in trying to figure out the ways of this world apart from a divine Creator. There is never any peace, never any satisfaction, and never any answers for those who live apart from God's word. They never stop searching for reasons why and just when they think they have it all figured out, a new trend begins and man finds himself on the outside looking in. The mind set and thinking they have finally come to know as "right," has been changed by the whims of an unsettled and unstable culture desperately trying to find ways to belong and seem important.

I am satisfied I can rest in the peace God has given me, in the understanding of his word, in the knowledge of his love, and in the trust he has a plan for me and I need not fear if man is offended by it. God will supply the job that will sustain me and because I love him and he me, I can count on his word to live freely to do what honors him best: To be His voice in teaching His promises so that others can share this same peace and search no more.

John 8:32 "Then you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

"Every Day is A Good Day, When You Live it God's Way!"