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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Love you Most, When you are Weak

Have you ever thought about the miraculous strength of the church in the midst of rallying around a member in their greatest time of weakness? I have been to churches in which parishioners display their biggest smiles and warmest welcomes, but inside they are being torn apart by trials in their lives. Loved ones are in trouble with the law, family members are in the center of divorce battles, sickness and death tax our spirits, financial ruin and unemployment plague our hearts and minds and yet we enter God's temple with phoniness and fakeness as if everything in life is AOK. Talk about quenching the Spirit! How can the Spirit begin to move if people are not even willing to admit problems exist? Why do we wear these heroic masks that limit the power of God to work through his people? Is it a spirit of pride that compels us to display an attitude of confidence that we can handle our own problems? Why does scripture tell us to "Cast all of our cares on Him," if we are so capable of solving our own messes? Why do we even enter God's temple when deep down inside we don't even trust or believe that God cares enough to act on our behalf? People walk around in bondage to the worry of how to resolve their own issues, when quite frankly, God already has the answer. He is simply waiting for you to give up the trust in yourself and seek him instead.

When we are not honest with ourselves regarding the troubling life challenges we face, we not only rob God's people of opportunities to use their spiritual gifts, but we also rob God from ways of displaying his glory, power of redemption, healing, and salvation. It is only in a true state of brokenness that the spirit of the church awakens and comes to rescue the weakened soul in their darkest hour. It is in this moment that God, through the power of his Holy Spirit, invigorates the gifts within his people to arise and go to work to proclaim his name and bring about a spirit of peace and contentment regarding the trouble at hand. We are a broken people with broken lives, but God is in the business of repair, restoration and renovation.

I have attended churches in which the power of the Holy Spirit was completely stifled by a presence of self comfort and complacency. How can God show up to a place in which he feels he is not needed? His people are saying, "Yeh, I got this. I can handle this on my own." Have we really become a people who no longer need God? Have you looked around at our world today? Financial crisis, unemployment, broken families, terminal illness, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and famine. Do we really want to face these situations relying on our own human understanding and solutions to God size problems?

Rarely do I come across a friend or acquaintance that is not in desperate need of help or intervention regarding a life-size trial. Life size trials require the work of a life altering God! We cannot expect God to be eager and excited to work on our behalf, when we have no zeal or confidence to seek him. Church service without prayer and altar calls in which people have an opportunity to humble them and cry out to the Lord for help is simply a congregation full of people telling God they don't need him. God works through his people to encourage the brokenhearted, to heal the sick, to pray for the desperate, and to offer hope to those in despair. Don't leave your brokenness at home to deal with in private. Bring it to church. Lay it on the altar! Allow God's people to surround you with His love and protection. God has allotted spiritual gifts to each and every one of us. It is time we unleashed them to help one another overcome the trials of the world and claim victory in His Name.

Luke 1:37 "For Nothing is impossible with God."

"Every Day is a Good Day When you Live it God's Way!"